what is the thick blue border in a word document

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26/09/2012В В· How To Remove A Page Border From Your Document In Microsoft Word A Step By Step Tutorial :). One way of putting a border around a piece of text in Microsoft Word is to insert a text box and then type your text inside. Text boxes are useful in that you can).

Flower Border for Word Document Clip Art All White Red Orange Yellow Green Aqua Blue Purple Decorations Corner Tribal Frame Flower Page Border Free Vine How to Add a Page Border in Word Microsoft Word makes it simple to create documents for everything from personal letters and school papers to business reports.

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Border basics for developers ShaunaKelly.com. 6/12/2015в в· is there a way to get rid of the blue cursor box i hate the blue cursor box that comes up while i am typing. can it be, 17/02/2008в в· hi, i am trying to covert a ms word document to pdf using adobe acrobat 6.0 professional. the word document contains tables with thick (1.5 points) outer border and).

what is the thick blue border in a word document

Word Beginning Practice Activities Microsoft Word. launching a microsoft word document is akin to starting with a clean slate, or a fresh piece of digital paper. liven up a word document by adding a colorful border., the border art supplied with word border art is a repeated small image that forms a border around the outside of the document if a preview of a blue).

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what is the thick blue border in a word document

5/06/2016В В· Black line that is in word document that won't go away ! Click on No Border. Here's how to make it so this Word doesn't do this again: 1. 26/05/2010В В· Hi all I am relatively new to the extent of Excel I was schooled with basic fomulae and thats about it I have began to enter the basic side of Macros

29/01/2012В В· How do i make a word document page border wider than 6 pt since that is the largest drop down menu choice it - Answered by a verified Tech Support Specialist 3/01/2012В В· Change the width of the border to 1 pt or * Word 2010 > File > Save & Send > Create PDF/XPS Document * Word 2010 Word table border problems after pdf'ing.