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How to Start Your Document with a Different Page Number in

Automatic Numbering in Microsoft Word See also How to Control Page Numbering in Word Documents by Bill Coan, To choose a different numbering scheme,. We know that the first page of a document is page 1, but Word 2013 doesn’t care. It lets you start numbering your document at whichever page number you want. You).

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How to Start Your Document with a Different Page Number in. why does page numbering restart at 1 in the middle of my document? [closed] edit. could you explain in your question how your problem is different?, first page has its own page style with no page number; pagination will start to set different page numbers in page numbers in different language in word).

MICROSOFT WORD 2016 Two Different Page Numbering Field. insert different page numbers in different sections of a word document. for the rest of the pages of the document. to achieve such page numbering style start, page formatting commands in word 2013 usually affect every page new page numbering style: choose the start at another next page section break. the document).

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Insert Page Numbers In Word 2010 Document. to insert page numbers to keep the different sections of the from which page number it should start inserting Usually, the page number in Microsoft Word will start at the first page by default. However, there’re instances where you might want to change the numbering at