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Detail Devils® Micro-Fiber Towels - Coming Soon!

Detail Devils® Micro-Fiber Buffing and Glass Towels are made of the finest material you can use to detail your vehicle. Micro-fiber is entirely man-made of polyester and polyimide, which gives all micro-fiber towels incredible strength and durability. Not only that, micro-fiber can be woven to suit different tasks, such as polishing, drying, and buffing. The right micro-fiber towel will make any detailing task easier. Detail Devils® Micro-Fiber Buffing & Glass towels last longer than cotton terry cloth, or natural chamois. For value, performance, and durability, nothing beats Detail Devils® Micro-Fiber!

Be cautious of cheap micro-fiber imitations. There's a good chance that any micro-fiber towel you purchase in bulk through a retail chain is a lower weight, and lower ratio of polyimide/polyester, which will leave lint on your glass. Fiber shedding is a significant problem with bulk towels, because most of these products are created for janitorial services, not your vehicle’s delicate finish! With any micro-fiber, you can clean in the regular wash, but please remember to avoid bleaches and fabric softeners, which can negatively affect the integrity and future performance of the product.










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