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"Everything But The Bucket" Kit




Everything you need to get your car spotless... but the bucket!

Includes one bottle each of the following, plus two (2) plush micro-fiber towels, two (2) mesh side micro-fiber towels and two (2) glass/interior micro-fiber towels:

Streak-Free Glass Cleaner
The effects of dirty glass can quickly ruin the appearance of our perfectly polished new vehicle. Keeping sparkling windows on your car is important for good visibility, and it’s probably the easiest part of detailing. Put the perfect touch on your car by detailing your car’s glass with Detail Devils® industrial strength Glass Cleaner.

Wheel Cleaner
Nothing catches your eye on a car more than brand new looking rims! The Detail Devils® Wheel Cleaner tackles road grime like a champ. Watch as brake dust and road film disappear! Use a micro-fiber buffing towel to leave a protective coating of our Wheel Cleaner’s specially formulated carnauba wax, and a beautiful looking new car shine.

Interior Cleaner & Stain Remover
To finish off your car, move inside with the Detail Devils® Interior Cleaner & Stain Remover. It’s perfect to tackle everything from spilled coffee and soft drinks to a wide variety of other stains, from your headliner to the carpet. If you realize the importance of protecting your interior from the damage inflicted by the sun and dirt brought in from the outside, Detail Devils® Interior Cleaner & Stain Remover is your answer!

Waterless Car Wash
Detail Devils® Waterless Car Wash is the simple, safe way to wash your car without a bucket and hose! With our Waterless Car Wash, you just spray on and wipe with a soft micro-fiber towel to remove dust, fingerprints, and other road grime. You won’t believe the shine it leaves behind! The formula’s organic carnauba wax will leave behind a smooth coat to protect the vehicle from abrasion. Detail Devils® Waterless Car Wash is the perfect choice for people living in apartments or condos, and in water-restricted areas.

Solvent-Free Degreaser
Detail Devils® Solvent-Free Degreaser utilizes plant-based surfactants and cleaning agents to tackle the toughest grease and oil spots on your vehicle and workspace, yet is 100% green and safe for use by your grandmother (not that grandma should be cleaning your car)! It's a professional strength cleaner capable of fighting ground-in stains. Perfect for use on engines, heavy machinery, around wheels, tools, your garage, and so much more!

'Kiss My Glass'® Quick Detailing Spray
For the safe removal of bird bombs, bugs and whatever else the road has to throw at your car. Just shake well and spray on your target area. Let sit for 5 seconds, wipe away with a micro-fiber towel, and then buff to a brilliant shine. It's eco-friendly and contains no dyes or fragrances.

Bottles are 100% Recyclable.


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